How to increase Vertical Jump

     5 Exercise helps you to Increase the Vertical Jump

Nowadays vertical jump is very important for all the sports. If I am talking about the cricket, football and especially in volleyball and basketball vertical jump plays a very important role, It helps you to improve your game performance and takes your game to the next level.

How to increase Vertical Jump

There are some exercises which help you to increase your vertical jump in a short interval of time, keep practicing these exercises daily help you to improve your vertical jump.

1. Depth Jump

Depth jump is one of the most important or you can say demanding exercise which is used by all the sports person, athletes etc. This exercise is performed in many different ways in the simple way we can say that Depth jump is performed when a player or individual person drop off a box,  lands briefly absorbing the shock, and then immediately jumps as possible, the lending period is usually less than 0.2 sec.

2. Hip Thrust

The hip push was designed and advanced by Bret Contreras. It is fundamentally a progressed and more successful adaptation of the extension work out. Albeit both help in reinforcing the hips, bring down back, and thighs, the hip push is additionally testing as you will do it at a rise utilizing your body weight or dumbbells, barbells, chains, and groups.

3. Lunges

Lunges are also one of the important exercises, this exercise also performs during the warm-up time.
How to perform lunges.

  • Keep your abdominal area straight, with your shoulders back and loose and jaw up (pick a point to gaze at before you so you don't hold looking down). Continuously draw in your center. 
  • Advance forward with one leg, bringing down your hips until the point when the two knees are twisted at around a 90-degree edge.

4. Push Press

Push press is a type of shoulder exercise, its help you to build the strength and power throughout the entire body and core. Similarly, it also helps you to build strength in your legs which help you in the vertical jump. push press improves your ability to generate and control force, strengthens your core, shoulder, arms, back, and legs.

5. Clean and Jerk

The quick lift is one of the two lifts done in Olympic weightlifting. It is involved 
  • the clean development, which involves lifting a barbell from the floor into the front racked hunched down position to standing.
  •  yanks, which is finished by capably moving the barbell from the front rack to the overhead, elbows secured out position one, smooth and ground-breaking movement. The beneath video is of the full quick lift done in an Olympic weightlifting rivalry.

This exercise provides lots of strength to your body so that you can take your sports at the next level.

Some of the results after doing these exercises 

How to increase Vertical Jump
How to increase Vertical Jump
How to increase Vertical Jump

How to increase Vertical Jump

How to increase Vertical Jump

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