Roti VS Rice

                                         Roti   VS   Rice

The battle between roti and rice has become very old while eating. The people who talk to him, they give their opinion about the roti and rice. Some people say that by eating rice, obesity increases, then someone says that the bread is not digested quickly. Everyone has their own opinions, but what is the right one? Today, we will take cover from this and know that for the good health, should we give rice more importance or the roti (bread)?

roti vs rice

Know what's the difference -

1. Carbohydrate

There is low carbohydrate in rice and at the same time, the roti contains the combined carbohydrate. That is why if you eat rice, then less energy is used to break the carbohydrate compared to roti. For a person whose stomach is not cured and there is a problem with digestion, there is a better rice than roti.

2. Laziness

You may have heard some people saying that they eat sleeping in the afternoon and start sleeping. By eating rice, the amount of sugar in the blood increases rapidly, which leads to laziness. So if you start eating roti at the place of rice, you will not get lazy and you will work with energy. Now, friends, you see yourself, who has beaten in this battle of Roti and Rice?

3. Obesity

There is more fat in rice. So if you are doing dieting, it would be better to keep the distance from it. On the other hand, roti is not fat at all. Only then those people who have a problem of thyroid or obesity are said to stay away from rice.

4. How to make rice 

 In addition to how you make the rice, it has a lot to depend on. In many homes, rice is made in the pressure cooker so that the quantity of starch remains inside it and in this case it becomes unheeding. Make the rice in an open kitchen and throw out its extra water. 

5. Fiber 

What is the fiber in it, bread or rice? The answer is, the bread The amount of carbohydrate in the bread is high and hence the same amount of fiber is also found. Along with this, digestion also strengthens There is not much fiber in rice compared to roti. Do you like meals? Both roti and rice are considered to be good for health. But before considering them on your plate, be sure to look at these facts.

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